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  • Can Waterproof Hearing Ad Not be Dried?

    For the hearing impaired, the waterproof performance of the hearing aid is crucial. The most common occurrences of hearing aids being wetted include short circuits and condensed water. The damage caus... more

  • Hearing Aid Waterproof Technology

    Consumers want their own products to be waterproof, such as new watches, new smartphones, or expensive outdoor sports boots. For the hearing impaired, the most waterproof products are their hearing ai... more

  • The Secret of Waterproof Hearing Aid

    At present, the highest dustproof and waterproof level of waterproof hearing aid is IP68 (meaning dust is up to 6 and waterproof is up to 8).Why is waterproof hearing aid waterproof?The unique process... more

  • Waterproof Hearing Aid Maintenance

    Optional waterproof hearing aid should be considered with caution. In general, the age at which waterproof hearing aids are used is not limited, but is especially important for children and the elderl... more

  • The Magical Smart Rechargeable Hearing Aid Is the Best Gift for Parents

    With the aging of the population and the rapid growth of chronic diseases, hearing impairment has become a major problem affecting the quality of life of the elderly. According to the survey, about 70... more

  • New Product Launch - Rechargeable Hearing Aid

    You no longer have to worry about battery remaining and battery replacement. Jinghao rechargeable hearing aids allow you to enjoy the new life of day and night listening at will.1. Innovative lithium ... more

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